Energetic Vortexes and MicroBlack Holes Metaphysics

Energetic vortexes are defined as places with a high level of energy concentration. Such energy emanates from spiritual and magnetic sources. Sometimes it isn’t even known where the energy comes from. In addition, such energy areas are regarded as gateways that lead to other realms.

Tracing Energetic Vortexes
These forces are said to exist in areas of anomalies in gravitational dimensions. Such anomalies consequently lead to changes in the laws of physics as we know them. These changes include defying gravity, scaring animals, bending light, contorting plants into unusual shapes and even influencing human feeling strangely. Encore scientists have established that most vortexes are very strong at node point intersections and that they are linked to Ley lines. The best and known examples of vortexes are the Egyptian pyramids and the Stonehenge found in England. Gogg and Maggog Hills are also vortex areas although they are not as widely known.